Dog toilet training is easy and often would not take a lot of time to toilet train your pal with paws. With the correct information at hand, you’ll be able to toilet train your dog faster than you’d imagine. The dog toilet training process will involve you choosing a chosen space outdoors where you will at all times take your dog out to on a leash. After your dog has had something to eat, just woken up from sleep, or has had some training or exercise, it’s best to take your dog outside on a leash to the selected spot where your dog will always go to eliminate. Each time you take your dog here do not disturb it at all, simply give your dog some time to explore that area and sniff around a bit, after a short while of sniffing around your dog should poop or urinate. Immediately after your dog is finished, reward it with a treat and praise your dog for doing the appropriate thing. With practice and flexibility your dog will learn to connect eliminating on this spot with you being happy, what this means is that your dog will know where to go next time it needs to relieve itself.

If you see your dog eliminating in your home, don’t panic or make a fuss, just take your dog outside so that it can finish off and proceed with the dog toilet training process. It may be a bit more of a challenge in the case of toilet training an older dog, however, it is still very doable. Simply use the same strategies when toilet training a puppy to toilet train an older dog. Make sure you keep training positive and be supportive of your dog. Dogs only want to please their owners and at times they may do something that’s seen as wrong or bad in our eyes however they don’t know that it’s seen as incorrect or bad behaviour in our eyes. Dog toilet training shall be successful if you follow things through and stay focused.