Some dogs barely bark, some bark a little and some bark a lot, if you’re one of the unfortunate dog owners and have a feisty little fellow to look after then you may want to know why your dog is barking so much. There are a number of reasons why dogs bark, but the clue is usually in the type of bark. For example, your dog may whine, howl and growl, and you’ll begin to understand what each bark means. A whine could mean he or she is upset, hungry or nervous. A growl could mean he or she doesn’t feel safe and senses something is wrong. A howl could mean they’re trying to communicate with other dogs, but of course this will depend on the breed and the personality of the dog. Some dogs’ bark when they’re excited, others don’t so there really is no one single answer for why a dog may bark. Just make sure you’re listening carefully to the noises of your dog and over time you will begin to understand why he or she is making those sounds.