Many dog owners go a little bit overboard with ‘treats’ such as biscuits, bones and chews, and this can cause to problems with behaviour. It’s important to find the balance so that you’re not going over the top with too many treats, or worse still, not rewarding your dog at all.

So what’s the problem with giving my dog a treat every time he does what I say? The problem will be clear when you have run out out of biscuits. Your dog will no longer have an incentive and that should not be the case. You should train your dog to listen to you, not to respond to treats all of the time.

Then the problem with not rewarding your dog is similar. If you don’t give your dog some sort of incentive, they can lose the will to listen to you. It’s all about finding the balance and we recommend you use treats wisely to get the best behaviour out of your dog, as well as a lot of love too.