With advice on toilet training puppies all over the place, potty training your new addition should be easy, well easier!

Puppies like babies will empty their bladder uncontrollably, it is only at a certain age that you can teach them control. Luckily for a new dog owner, this age tends to be when they are old enough to leave their mother.

Training should be started from day one, and consistency with your training is very important too.  Training should start by taking your dog outside at several intervals during the day, after naps, after meal times and allocated times in between. As your dog grows older the frequency of toileting will reduce, so less toilet breaks will be needed.

It is important to give your puppy treats and affection when they have done the task they were told to; this is how they learn. Never give them a treat otherwise. Each puppy will learn differently and at different rates, so be patient with toilet training your new puppy.