Many people are set to return to the office following their work from home. This change may cause some dogs to develop separation anxiety, especially if they were bought over the lockdown period and do not know any different.

Dogs are naturally social species and like to stay close to their social groups. If you think your dog may become anxious while out, it’s best to find out what they do when you are not there. Set up a video camera in a space they tend to be when you are at home and see what they get up to. You may need to set your camera up in a few locations before getting the best picture of what they do.

Anxiety can show in many ways, including whining, barking or howling, destructive behaviour, trembling or packing. Do not tell your dog off when you return if you notice any of these on your videos. They do not know this behaviour is wrong, and you may make them anxious about your return as well as when you leave.

We always recommend you talk to your vet if you believe your dog has separation anxiety. They will be able to refer you to a behaviourist.