In many ways, a pet microchip is a very small computer chip. It contains a code that matches up to the details of your pooch and thankfully, it’s not very difficult to get your dog, cat or rabbit Microchipped, whilst the procedure itself only takes a few seconds. Usually, a needle is required to insert the chip under the skin of the animal.

So why’s it such a good idea to get your pet microchipped?

Almost painless

You don’t need to worry about causing him or her pain because it is hardly noticed by the majority of dogs and it does not even need any anaesthetic.

It stays in place

Although there is a possibility for the collars to get lost along with the tracking devices, tags and so on, microchips are permanent. Moreover, it is possible to ensure that the microchip is in place by getting your pet scanned by the vet regularly.

Prepared for disaster

Natural calamities can occur anywhere in the world, such as earthquakes, floods and fires and being the owner, it is your duty to ensure that your pet is well looked after and easy to find. During these catastrophes, your pet might end up lost but as long as the police check the code, your details will come up.

Evidence of ownership

At times you might be required to prove that the pooch really belongs to you particularly if it is stolen or even found by somebody who does not want to return the dog to you. Fortunately, you can easily prove that you are the owner of the animal with the help of a microchip.

Peace of mind

Although a microchip cannot guarantee you that you are always going to get your animal back, it will definitely increase the chances. In the event that your furry friend ends up with an individual who knows how to get it scanned, there is always the possibility of getting him or her back.