Dogs are lovely animals and each breed has their own set of traits, choosing a dog for a home with young children is very easy. We have created a list of pooches that are great with children.

Golden Retriever- A good popular choice for families because of their active and loyal personality and a good all round dog.

Boxer-  The boxer is a very good family dog in that they love being around people, they take care of the family members, and are always willing to play.

Labrador Retriever- An extremely popular pet in many households across the world, the Labrador is a very friendly loving dog that loves to play and be very active for your kids to play with.

Beagle- A very sturdy dog that can take plenty of roughness and play and loves to be active and meet new people.

Irish Setter- A very affectionate dog, the Irish Setter is a very good choice for families due to its liking for children and constant happy, playful attitude.