Biodegradable Dog Bags

Dog bags are an unfortunate part of taking your dog out for a walk. Every pet owner has a responsibility to not inflict their pet’s mess on other people, and while leaving dog waste is, from one perspective at least, not quite as bad as littering, stepping on their waste is a pretty grotesque experience.

One of the worst things that can happen when you are picking up your dog’s waste is to have your bag break, so one of the most important things to look for when buying your dog bags is durability.

That being said, we have an unfortunate situation where dog bags are often sent directly towards landfills, and when they aren’t biodegradable that can be a problem. We have the option to purchase biodegradable bags, which is yet another way for dog owners to be responsible owners.

Collar vs Harnesses, the Pros and Cons of Each

The two main types of dog handling equipment for a dog owner are the leash and collar, and the leash and harness. Each of these tools have their pros and cons from the standpoint of a pet owner, of which we’ve laid out a few for each:


Leashes can be attached to both leashes and harnesses with relative ease, so that doesn’t really come into the equation. Where it does come into is what happens once the leash has been removed; a harness will continue to restrict movement, whereas a collar can sit more comfortably on a dog’s neck.

When the leash is still attached to the collar, dogs can often pull against the leash and hurt themselves through choking, as most dog owners will have experienced.


Harnesses have a lot of advantages over a collar, as they can provide far greater control over your pet and do so more safely for their health as well. This is particularly important for larger dogs that can potentially overpower their owners.


What you Need to Know About Dog Treats

A lot of people don’t exercise the same level of scrutiny on their dog’s treats as they do on their own treats, but unfortunately this trend persists into the realms of government regulation and inspection. The amount of work that goes into inspecting animal food-stuffs is considerably lower than our own, and as a result, we see far higher levels of food contamination, improper storing and more.

There are things that you can do to increase the reliability of your dog treats. One of the best methods is to buy as locally as possible. If you buy from international sources, such as from China, the level of regulation is going to be even lower. We have even seen how the FDA has repeatedly been called to investigate chicken jerky for dogs that was made in China, as there seems to be a relationship between that product and kidney failure in pets.


Getting Puppy Treats for Puppies

Something which a large number of dog owners tend to overlook is not giving dog treats to puppies. Generally speaking, puppies are going to be less able to process the food found inside the dog treats on account of their less developed digestive system. They also have different nutritional requirements than dogs and different sense of taste as well. A puppy would much prefer puppy treats on account of these facts.

Treats which have been prepared for puppy consumption have a number of differences to adult dog treats. Chews, as an example, will contain vitamins and minerals which are suited to their growth and development, and the chews themselves will be designed to a shape and texture which will reduce the risk of them damaging their mouths and help with the development of their gums and teeth.


Grooming Your Dog: The Tools You’ll Need

Grooming your own dog, when for them it isn’t exactly enjoyable, can be quite tricky, so many prefer to give the task to a professional who does it day in and day out. If you’re one of those dog owners who likes to do it themselves though, you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

These tools depend in large part upon the type of hair that your dog has. A Cocker Spaniel for instance, has hair which is severely at risk of getting matted, so you need to have a few different tools; a bristle brush to get rid of tangles, a comb to smooth it all out, a hair-dryer, and an adjustable shower-head. If you have a pit-bull, you won’t really need to do any grooming other than the occasional bath.

If you’re dog’s nails aren’t being worn down fast enough on their walks, you may need to clip their nails too. This is particularly tricky and best left to a professional, but if you get shown how to cut them by a professional that may be enough.