Why does my dog bark all the time?

Some dogs barely bark, some bark a little and some bark a lot, if you’re one of the unfortunate dog owners and have a feisty little fellow to look after then you may want to know why your dog is barking so much. There are a number of reasons why dogs bark, but the clue is usually in the type of bark. For example, your dog may whine, howl and growl, and you’ll begin to understand what each bark means. A whine could mean he or she is upset, hungry or nervous. A growl could mean he or she doesn’t feel safe and senses something is wrong. A howl could mean they’re trying to communicate with other dogs, but of course this will depend on the breed and the personality of the dog. Some dogs’ bark when they’re excited, others don’t so there really is no one single answer for why a dog may bark. Just make sure you’re listening carefully to the noises of your dog and over time you will begin to understand why he or she is making those sounds.

Can dogs enjoy baths?

We’ve all seen those videos where the owner says ‘bath time’ and the dog runs a mile. There’s no avoiding the fact that most dogs do not enjoy being bathed, but is this down to their natural instinct or the owner?

If you were to start a grooming session with a bath each and every month, you’ll help them familiarise themselves with the tub, and if you were to give them treats throughout the course of ‘bath time’ you may find that they actually start to enjoy it and behave a bit better. You do need to be careful when you’re bathing a dog, as you would a baby, because you don’t want to burn them, irritate their skin or scare them, so keeping the water lukewarm, shallow and using dog only products is a good start. They will then need to be dried straight after, not with a blow dryer because this will irritate them, but with a towel. Try these tricks and you may find your dog starts to enjoy their bath.

Why you should Undertake Online Dog Training Courses UK

Your dog is one of the most important pet you have in your home in the UK. You should take care of it to ensure that it is in the right health condition at all times. You do not want to have a dog that you cannot play or communicate with it well, so it is vital to train it. Training a dog might not be easy especially if you do not have the skills on how it should be done. In the modern times, you do not have to worry about taking your dog to a trainer. This is because, with the advent of the internet, dog training has gone online. You can get a lot of professional trainers or take whole online courses. Traditional dog training courses provide you with the opportunity to work with your dog, but there are also many benefits involved in undertaking online dog training courses UK. Here are some of the major benefits involved.

Ample online dog training courses available

One of the greatest advantages that you get is that there are a lot of online dog training courses available in the UK. This means that you have an opportunity to select the ones that are more appropriate for your dog. You will also be able to get reviews from past customers about the best courses that have worked effectively for them. The reviews will assist you to make decisions as to whether a program might be successful for you or not.

A lot of learning resources available

Another great benefit of the online dog training courses is that there are a lot of learning resources available. You will get videos, tutorials, eBooks, guidelines and other information that will enrich your knowledge in this area. You will get a lot of packages that will help you become a professional dog trainer within a very short time. Therefore, you will have more opportunity to access more learning resources from the web.

Offer high level convenience and flexibility 

When you undertake online dog training courses UK, you can learn any time you want. In addition, you can also study at any place, unlike the traditional courses where you have to attend a certain class. You also have the opportunity to ask questions using emails, online chats and other methods to your trainer. The good thing is that you will have the chance to send your own training schedule. You will be able to move on with your other activities and learn when you are free. This is the level of convenience and flexibility you need.

Cost effectiveness

Another great benefits of undertaking the dog training online courses UK, is in terms of cost effectiveness. You will not incur costs involved in travelling and many others associated with the traditional courses. All you need is to pay your online trainer and you are ready to learn all the dog training skills that you need. You also access a lot of learning resources such as eBooks and tutorials online free of charges.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Many people believe the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but we couldn’t disagree more. Dogs, like humans, continue to learn new things throughout their life and many dogs that have been poorly treated over the years learn to adapt to a new way of live in just a few months. In that time they’ll learn to love, they’ll learn new tricks, they’ll learn how to properly interact with humans and dogs, so make sure you don’t believe this silly saying. If you have a dog who’s moving into his or her later years, why not make it your mission to teach him or her something new ever day. You might be impressed with the results. We’ve known dogs as old as ten years to learn tricks such as ‘leave’, ‘paw’ and ‘fetch’ so we’ll never buy into this saying.

Dealing with an overfriendly dog

It’s probably every dog owner’s dream to have a dog that’s friendly and loyal, but it can be a problem, especially when you’re out on walks. When a dog is nice to everyone, they put themselves at risk of injury because not every other dog they come across on walks will feel the same way. This is why you do need to be cautious when you have an over-friendly dog and you should always put him or her on a lead if you come across a dog that doesn’t like they are is going to be very friendly. Most of us can appreciate a dog who protects their home too and having a dog that barks can be a godsend, so try not too allow your dog to be too soft when you’re training him or her. Some tough love will go a long way.