Why choose a mobile dog trainer?

A mobile dog trainer, as you probably would have guessed, will spend time in your home with you and your dog, assessing why you are facing your current problems. They can teach you how to train your dog before the behavioural issues go too far. There are most probably plenty of mobile dog trainers to choose from in your local area right now, but it’s important to choose an individual or team who have the credentials for the task at hand. Check their experience and see what they’ve achieved for other dog owners, and if you can ask to look at a few of their case studies. It’s also wise to check they have certifications in dog training and the more they’re able to prove in terms of documentation, the better. You can then feel them out when you meet them in person and see if they really have the knowledge for the job before you pay them any fees at all.

Tips on choosing a trusted kennel for your dog while you are away on holiday

When planning a family trip away there may be several occasions in which your dog will not be able to travel with you. These are a few suggestions to help you identify trustworthy facilities that can make the transition as easy as possible for your dog.

Before you leave on your holiday, invest the time to tour the boarding facility at which you intend to leave your dog. Most kennels will be happy to oblige as long as you make an appointment.

When you visit, take note of the smell. If you notice a pervasive odour of urine or faeces, that suggests a sanitation issue. Also, look at the floors and bowls from which other canines eat and drink. These are all subtle indications that a given facility may not be adequate for your canine.

Try to make your dog stay as comfortable as possible by carefully choosing the right facility.

Adopting an old dog

There are so many old dogs in rescue centres throughout the UK and some of them live out their final years in a cage because nobody wants them, or nobody wants to pay the vet bills. It really is such a sad state of affairs when you go to a dog shelter, but adopting an old dog can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Most of the older dogs are actually well trained and ready to be loved by a new owner, yet they always look through the metal bars to see young dogs being picked up whilst they’re left there only to see a small number of people each day; the workers. If you can, I really do recommend you adopt an old dog because the happiness you can bring them can be out of this world and they may in turn make you really happy. Even if you’re not sold, just visit your local rescue centre; you heart will certainly sink when you do.

What to Look for in Your Dog Kennel

Kennel and dog accommodation services are essential for dog owners, as it provides much needed relief and solutions for those of us who travel regularly for work and leisure. The fact of the matter is, is that travelling with your pet dog, particularly overseas and by aeroplane, can be a massively stressful experience, and the kennel services which help families avoid this situation are incredibly useful.

So while we’ve established why kennels are so important to dog owners, we’ve yet to establish what you should look for in different establishments. The reality is that there is a lot of disparity between what different kennels provide for those in their care; sometimes they will only be providing a basic cage, food and water, and minimal exercise, while others will be able to provide a social environment, a great diet, a lot of exercise and attention by the carers. Although the latter is the ideal situation for your dog, this extra quality comes with higher prices as well.


Hiring a Dog Walker

One of the most intensive responsibilities with owning a dog is how much you need to walk them. This varies from breed to breed (with a pug only needing to be walked a couple of times a week and shepherding dogs requiring long ones every day), but all of the breeds require you to dedicate time and energy towards maintaining their physical fitness and sense of well-being, which can be exhausting. For those who have a busy work schedule, this is doubly so.

In order to account for the demands of your pet dog, one of the options available to you is to hire a dog walker. This is a typically cheap service which is available in most urban areas, whereby you hire somebody to walk your dog for a small fee. This means that you’ll be providing your dog with the enriching exercise they need to be healthy and maintain a positive attitude. You usually find that dog walkers will walk a number of dogs together, meaning you get the added benefit of giving them a socialising opportunity as well,, which is also very important for their state of mind.