dogs hate a bath, don’t they? Well not all of them actually, it depends on how they’ve been exposed to baths during their younger years.

If you’ve just got a new puppy and you want to have some happy bath times ahead with your new best friend, then you’ll need to expose them to baths at a young age. It’s not just putting them in a tub at a young age that will make them feel more comfortable in the future thought. It’s allowing them to spend time in water wherever they are, whether that be puddles, a pond at the local park or a river nearby your house.

If your dog gets used to spending time in water he or she will be a lot better behaved in the bathtub, trust us. There are many dogs’ shampoos and conditioners on the market to get your dog smelling good, but it’s how you apply these that’s important too. You should gently massage them into your dog’s fur and rinse throughout with a showerhead or cups of water. Once all of the doggy shampoo and shower gel is washed away, you should dry him or her as quickly as possible. Naturally dogs will want to shake starting from their tails until the water is splattered all over the bathroom, so be quick and wrap him or her in a towel to prevent his from happening. letting your dog outside the house until they are fully dry otherwise they may roll in the dirt and make things worse!

Dogs do love water if they’re given the time the opportunity to swim and paddle around at a relatively young age, so do try to bath your dog at least once or twice in their first 6 months on planet earth.