Dogs, like children, typically do not know what is best for them and they will try to eat nearly anything they see you eating. It is our job to make our best attempt at ensuring they only eat the things that are best for them and won’t harm them or upset their normal diet. This list is not all inclusive but lists some of the biggest toxic culprits.

1. Grapes: can be highly toxic to dogs and should never be given.

2. Onions: are also very poisonous for dogs, definitely avoid.

3. Bread dough: due to the action of yeast can cause bloating, abdominal pain and worse, very dangerous.

4. Alcohol: dogs’ livers cannot process ethanol and is a very high threat to their health.

5. Citrus: any citrus fruit is highly toxic to your dog and like the items above, could be fatal.

6. Macadamia nuts: very toxic and fast acting. If ingested, by your pet, contact a vet.

7. Toothpaste/gum: the sweetener xylitol, common in gum, toothpaste and many sweets can be detrimental if ingested by your dog.

8. Chocolate: contains theobromine that is very poisonous to dogs. The darker the chocolate the higher the toxicity.

9. Coffee/Tea: caffeine in any form is not good for your dog, and could cause life-threatening symptoms.

10. Tomato: whilst ripe red tomatoes may be ok, any other part of the tomato is very toxic to dogs, such as stems and leaves.