Collar vs Harnesses, the Pros and Cons of Each

The two main types of dog handling equipment for a dog owner are the leash and collar, and the leash and harness. Each of these tools have their pros and cons from the standpoint of a pet owner, of which we’ve laid out a few for each: Collars; Leashes can be attached to both leashes and harnesses with relative ease, so that doesn’t really come into the equation. Where it does come into is what happens once the leash has been removed; a harness will continue to restrict movement, whereas a collar can sit more comfortably on a dog’s neck. When the leash is still attached to the collar, dogs... Read More »

Is Training your Dog to Sleep Outside Right?

This is a question which a lot of dog lovers will answer in the negative, but there is a right and a wrong way of doing this. If you begin to teach your dog to sleep outside in a doghouse at an early age, they can adjust to the situation quite easily and be perfectly happy with their space. If you try and force an elderly dog to change their sleeping habits, then it can be a very stressful experience. There are a lot of important things to take account of if you decide to put your dog in a doghouse. It is important that it is well sheltered, i.e.... Read More »

What you Need to Know About Dog Treats

A lot of people don’t exercise the same level of scrutiny on their dog’s treats as they do on their own treats, but unfortunately this trend persists into the realms of government regulation and inspection. The amount of work that goes into inspecting animal food-stuffs is considerably lower than our own, and as a result, we see far higher levels of food contamination, improper storing and more. There are things that you can do to increase the reliability of your dog treats. One of the best methods is to buy as locally as possible. If you buy from international sources, such as from China, the level of regulation is going... Read More »

How Dogs React to Death

While this is an uncomfortable subject to cover, it is worth doing based upon how it can have a massive impact on your dog’s well-being. Whether the death is of another dog or a member of your family; grieving is something that they share with humans, and just like humans dogs can react in a irrational way. Often times dogs will become listless, unmotivated or anxious, and you need to be prepared to help them. The best way to get dogs going again following a death is to make sure that they get back to their regular routine. Generally speaking, dogs are able to bounce back from loss far more than... Read More »

Pet Humanisation: a Positivity For The Pet Industry

Seems like the pet industry events in the United Kingdom are in for a very bright future, as new reports do show that the total amount of spending on pet care purposes in the country is projected to attain an ultimate record high of £4.6 billion by the end of the year 2015; this a projected 3% increase in comparison to 2014 and a generally significant growth of 25% since the year 2010, adds the reports. The United Kingdom’s consumers did allocate £3.71 billion of the near £4.6 billion spent in 2014 to purchase pet food and an extra £1 billion on non-food items for example pet grooming, clothes, day... Read More »