Importance of keeping your pets’ vaccinations up to date.

Vaccinations are essentially injections of the very diseases your pet is prone to however there are a few modifications made to it by the drug production company. A vaccine energises your pets immune system to protect itself against the disease. When the antigen enters the animals body, it is identified as a foreign abnormality. This triggers antibodies that happen to be produced to counter and destroy it. After the vaccine is completely taken away, the antibodies will keep in mind, and it will counterattack it more quickly than before, ought it to strike again. The reasons why it is important to keep your pets vaccinations up to date is that... Read More »

Why you should toilet train your dog at an early age

Dog toilet training is easy and often would not take a lot of time to toilet train your pal with paws. With the correct information at hand, you’ll be able to toilet train your dog faster than you’d imagine. The dog toilet training process will involve you choosing a chosen space outdoors where you will at all times take your dog out to on a leash. After your dog has had something to eat, just woken up from sleep, or has had some training or exercise, it’s best to take your dog outside on a leash to the selected spot where your dog will always go to eliminate. Each time... Read More »

Puppy training, start early on training your pooch

Having a new puppy is always great, as long as you have the time to teach your puppy right from wrong. Although it may be difficult, teaching a dog whilst they are a puppy if much easier compared to teaching a fully grown canine. Planning ahead is a great idea so you can sign up for group classes for you new family member. Such classes are usually run in groups with dogs of a similar age, these group classes teach you how to control your puppy in an everyday environment and are a great way to condition good manners with basic obedience. Your puppy will learn to listen to you... Read More »

Bathing your dog without the aggro

Most dogs hate a bath, don’t they? Well not all of them actually, it depends on how they’ve been exposed to baths during their younger years. If you’ve just got a new puppy and you want to have some happy bath times ahead with your new best friend, then you’ll need to expose them to baths at a young age. It’s not just putting them in a tub at a young age that will make them feel more comfortable in the future thought. It’s allowing them to spend time in water wherever they are, whether that be puddles, a pond at the local park or a river nearby your house.... Read More »

Training your dog to attack intruders

People have dogs for many different reasons and unfortunately it’s not always because the owner wants a new member of the family, some just want a guard dog instead. While it is okay to invest in a dog to help protect your home, it’s not right to train a dog to attack individuals even if they are burglars, because it’s not just your goods on the line, it’s your dogs life. Many dogs have been put down because they’ve attacked intruders and is it really worth the risk, just to protect some of your belongings? We believe a dog is a part of the family, not a servant. There are... Read More »