Bathing Your Dog

Starting a grooming session with your dog is best done by giving them a bath. This gives you the chance to shampoo their hair, remove dirt and dandruff, and make it nice and soft; ideal to untangle.

For your dog’s shampoo, it is important that you buy shampoo made for dogs. Our shampoo can be a bit strong for their skin and cause irritation. Dog shampoo is relatively cheap, and as it only needs to be used once every couple of weeks (more or less depending upon how muddy they get), it is quite an affordable purchase.

There are also a number of other products which you should get to enhance your dog’s bathing experience, as well as a few simple tips you should use:

  • A showerhead with an adjustable intensity is going to make them far more comfortable in their experience.
  • You need to use luke warm water; so that you don’t hurt them and so they won’t get scared.
  • A shower mat is also very important, as if they’re a bit nervous they’re going to be moving around a lot, which could cause them to slip over and injure themselves.


Grooming Your Dog: The Tools You’ll Need

Grooming your own dog, when for them it isn’t exactly enjoyable, can be quite tricky, so many prefer to give the task to a professional who does it day in and day out. If you’re one of those dog owners who likes to do it themselves though, you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

These tools depend in large part upon the type of hair that your dog has. A Cocker Spaniel for instance, has hair which is severely at risk of getting matted, so you need to have a few different tools; a bristle brush to get rid of tangles, a comb to smooth it all out, a hair-dryer, and an adjustable shower-head. If you have a pit-bull, you won’t really need to do any grooming other than the occasional bath.

If you’re dog’s nails aren’t being worn down fast enough on their walks, you may need to clip their nails too. This is particularly tricky and best left to a professional, but if you get shown how to cut them by a professional that may be enough.


What to Look for in Your Dog Kennel

Kennel and dog accommodation services are essential for dog owners, as it provides much needed relief and solutions for those of us who travel regularly for work and leisure. The fact of the matter is, is that travelling with your pet dog, particularly overseas and by aeroplane, can be a massively stressful experience, and the kennel services which help families avoid this situation are incredibly useful.

So while we’ve established why kennels are so important to dog owners, we’ve yet to establish what you should look for in different establishments. The reality is that there is a lot of disparity between what different kennels provide for those in their care; sometimes they will only be providing a basic cage, food and water, and minimal exercise, while others will be able to provide a social environment, a great diet, a lot of exercise and attention by the carers. Although the latter is the ideal situation for your dog, this extra quality comes with higher prices as well.


Dog Grooming Services: Is it Necessary?

Dog grooming is something which, when taken to the extreme, can be receive a lot of flack. Despite this, a wide number of dog breeds require regular grooming to keep their hair free of matting. It is important that if your dog’s hair does get matted that you seek the services of a groomer. In addition, dog groomers can help maintain your dog’s feet which is also very important, and tricky for somebody untrained to do without hurting them.

The problems tend to arise when dog owners take dog grooming to the extreme, such as with hair dyeing and accessories, rather than doing the reasonable thing of just trimming the hair away to the point where their hair getting tangles is unlikely. Even then, it isn’t a large problem, and can hardly be counted as abusive, just a bit unnecessary.

Does Owning a Reptile Compare to a Dog?

Owning a reptile like an iguana or snake has its own pros and cons, but when compared to owning a dog, what can you gain and what do you miss out on?

Owning a pet has its responsibilities; you need to clean up after them; you need to feed them; you need to wash them. Whether you own a dog or a pet reptile, this is always the case, but the benefits in this area are that a reptile requires less attention, usually creates less mess, and when it does it is usually contained in a set area. A dog requires constant attention, exercise and more.

The downside to having a reptile for a pet is that they aren’t very engaging. Just like how they don’t need or particularly want affection and attention, the chances are that they won’t provide you much in this way either.

In conclusion, if you want a low level of responsibility from your pet, a reptile could be best for you, but if you’re interested in having an engaging, loving relationship with another animal, a dog is undoubtedly the best option.

Hiring a Dog Walker

One of the most intensive responsibilities with owning a dog is how much you need to walk them. This varies from breed to breed (with a pug only needing to be walked a couple of times a week and shepherding dogs requiring long ones every day), but all of the breeds require you to dedicate time and energy towards maintaining their physical fitness and sense of well-being, which can be exhausting. For those who have a busy work schedule, this is doubly so.

In order to account for the demands of your pet dog, one of the options available to you is to hire a dog walker. This is a typically cheap service which is available in most urban areas, whereby you hire somebody to walk your dog for a small fee. This means that you’ll be providing your dog with the enriching exercise they need to be healthy and maintain a positive attitude. You usually find that dog walkers will walk a number of dogs together, meaning you get the added benefit of giving them a socialising opportunity as well,, which is also very important for their state of mind.

Starting Dog Training When They’re Adults

Everybody has heard the old adage, “an old dog can’t learn new tricks”, and there is certainly some accuracy to this saying. The best time to start training a pet dog is when they’re still puppies, or adolescents, but once they’ve reached adulthood, behaviour has started to become engrained in who they are, which means that over-riding their learned behaviour is a lot more difficult.

Even though all of this is true, there are plenty of techniques that you can use which will have more impact than you might expect. If they already are quite obedient dogs in most cases, you may actually find it easier to train an adult dog than a puppy, as they are going to have a better understanding of instructions. Of course, it is also unfair to paint all adult dogs with the same brush, as a dog which is 3 years old is going to have an easier time of learning how to stop a bad habit than a dog which is 10 years old.


The Causes of a Lack of Obedience in Pet Dogs

When you look at the route causes of a lack of obedience in a pet dog, it really comes down to two main areas. The first is the one we’ve just talked about last week; a breakdown in the relationship between you, the owner, and your pet dog. This can be because you don’t really have a good understanding of how to handle the relationship between you and your pet dog, or it could simply be that your current pet dog is just too much of a dominant force for you overcome. This can vary from individual to individual, with both the dogs and the people in the relationship.

The other one is simply that they aren’t leading active enough lives. For a dog to feel happy they need to have a sense of purpose or fulfilment, just like most humans. If your pet isn’t a working animal, you can accomplish this by keeping your pet active; walks, playing, and other physical activities. If your pet isn’t feeling fulfilled then the chances are that they are going to be acting out and developing bad habits. The amount of work that you’ll need to put into giving them this sense of fulfilment can also vary a lot depending upon the breed and the individual animal, with border collies famous for being particularly demanding.


Obedience Training Courses

Most behavioural issues with dogs have their origins in a lack of obedience to their owner. This is in a sense a good thing, as it will usually mean that trying to fix one thing – training obedience – will result in a lot of other issues being resolved. This can include things like aggression, possessive behaviour, destruction of property, potty training and a lot more.

One of the things which people don’t really consider when they start obedience training is how much of it is actually training the owner. You’ll find that dogs, even those with a more dominant nature, will act obediently if you, the owner, present yourself as the “pack leader”. A training course will teach your how to do this, as well as a lot of useful tips on how to correctly reward and punish good and bad behaviour respectively.


Tips for Owners of Highly Aggressive Dogs

Dealing with the issues which we discussed in our previous post can be tricky, with a lot of potential for dealing with it the wrong way. Your best option is really to hire a qualified professional dog trainer to give you some advice face to face, but learning about it online can help with the less serious cases.

The most important thing that you need to remember is to remain patient. Whenever you’re dealing with a pet dog, you just need to look at it in much the same way as when dealing with a young child; don’t lose your cool, reward them for good behaviour (with affection and treats) but set clear lines and boundaries and remember to say no when they try to cross those lines. For dogs, this means that when you see bad behaviour you don’t let it go unchallenged, but good behaviour is rewarded with a “good boy” or perhaps being treated to something tasty or a nice toy.