Pet hamster for young children

Hamsters are a great option as a pet for young children, this is because they can be tamed easily. Choosing a pet for young children, should take some consideration as you want an animal that is relatively low maintenance and has a kind nature. Although hamsters can be known to bite, this is usually when they enter a new environment or become scared, once handled regularly the risk of being bitten is low. Letting your child look after their own pet can help teach them how to care for others. They will learn how to feed, water and clean the hamsters cage. Before choosing a hamster you should speak to... Read More »

Playing fetch with you dog

One of the most common activities for dogs is playing fetch. Whether it’s with a stick, a tennis ball, a cricket ball or a chew toy, dogs love chasing down their prize and bringing it back to their owner. It’s a simple activity but it can provide a number of benefits. If on every walk you spent time playing fetch with your dog, they would be fitter and healthier, whilst it makes their gums stronger too. It also gives dogs a real sense of achievement, and you can bond with your dog in this way. What’s more, it’s enjoyable for the owner and it allows you to train your dog... Read More »

Dog breeds that are great for families with children

Dogs are lovely animals and each breed has their own set of traits, choosing a dog for a home with young children is very easy. We have created a list of pooches that are great with children. Golden Retriever- A good popular choice for families because of their active and loyal personality and a good all round dog. Boxer-  The boxer is a very good family dog in that they love being around people, they take care of the family members, and are always willing to play. Labrador Retriever- An extremely popular pet in many households across the world, the Labrador is a very friendly loving dog that loves to... Read More »

Importance Of Making Sure Your Pooch Is Microchipped

In many ways, a pet microchip is a very small computer chip. It contains a code that matches up to the details of your pooch and thankfully, it’s not very difficult to get your dog, cat or rabbit Microchipped, whilst the procedure itself only takes a few seconds. Usually, a needle is required to insert the chip under the skin of the animal. So why’s it such a good idea to get your pet microchipped? Almost painless You don’t need to worry about causing him or her pain because it is hardly noticed by the majority of dogs and it does not even need any anaesthetic. It stays in place... Read More »

Importance of keeping your pets’ vaccinations up to date.

Vaccinations are essentially injections of the very diseases your pet is prone to however there are a few modifications made to it by the drug production company. A vaccine energises your pets immune system to protect itself against the disease. When the antigen enters the animals body, it is identified as a foreign abnormality. This triggers antibodies that happen to be produced to counter and destroy it. After the vaccine is completely taken away, the antibodies will keep in mind, and it will counterattack it more quickly than before, ought it to strike again. The reasons why it is important to keep your pets vaccinations up to date is that... Read More »